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The Camtasia Studio video content presented here requires JavaScript to be enabled and the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player. If you are you using a browser with JavaScript disabled please enable it now. Otherwise, please update your version of the free Flash Player by downloading here.

  • Turn any namesqueeze form into a web site personalizer, even if you're hosted on a 3rd party mailing list service. (14 minutes 17 seconds)
  • Eight subtle things your opt-in box should have... that, if you are missing, probably TURN-OFF your visitors! (17 minutes 37 seconds)
  • The one thing that took me from $20 in sales per day to $2000 in 6 hours, and how you need PHP and JavaScript to emulate my success, no matter what niche you are in! (7 minutes 46 seconds)
  • Countdown Mania!!! Give your readers a set amount of time to read your sales letter or upsell page. Count the number of minutes and seconds they can keep reading the page... let them sweat as your web page ticks away like a bomb about to explode! (10 minutes 16 seconds)
  • Forget complicated RSS feeds and harness the simplicity of JavaScript content syndication on your site to keep it updated, ranking high in the search engines, and bringing in new traffic 24/7 that can be funneled into an order button. Best of all, these JavaScript feeds are automatically converted into regular HTML that search engines will love! (7 minutes 24 seconds)
  • Painlessly tweak existing scripts to do exactly what YOU want them to do! (7 minutes 59 seconds)
  • How to compress information in a direct response sales letter to get the best of both worlds from short and long copy... keep the prospect's interest, but hit only on the benefits and features THEY care about -- even if you know nothing about who's looking at your site! (12 minutes 34 seconds)

Donna Maher Robert - as I said in my personal email - you are one amazing young man... and please stop making products, they are so well done, so fascinating (and priced irresistably) that I *must* have them even though I'm supposed to be on a no-buy leave of absence.

Thanks for yet another valuable product (JavaScript on Crack) that's priced for the struggling masses. One more star in your crown. :-)

Donna Maher
Lake City, Florida, USA

It seems like lately, if it says "Robert Plank" on the email my hand can't control itself...it just logs into Paypal on automatic pilot! Looking forward to getting down to biz with this one...the download link worked for me, just thought I'd let you know it's working. The files aren't corrupted or anything, so I've got some reading and learning to do.

Thanks 4 pulling back the curtain and letting me see "behind the scenes" on how to make net marketing easier.

Jane Smith
Humble, Texas, USA

Don Morris These products from Robert are just like crack -- I have to buy each one and I'm wondering what/when the next one will be!

Don Morris

Contents: 7 scripts, 7 videos, one 42-page 7-chapter PDF book.
Video Running Time: 78 minutes
Download Size: 68 MB

Just Like With All My Infoproducts: You have a choice on how to use these scripts. You can choose to modify the scripts themselves, watch the videos to see how they work, or read the how-to tutorials for super-detailed instructions on how to customize the scripts.

You don't have to learn JavaScript if you don't want to. These scripts are quick and easy to setup.

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